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Exhibition of works by Dorota Wejchert, PhD

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A new exhibition has been opened in the Vistula gallery. Dorota Wejchert, PhD, a distinguished teacher at our university, presents her works. The collection is titled: ‘Flowers’. The artist calls herself a ‘child of a garden’. From the early years of her youth, the gardens have been a unique place for the artist, becoming a source of artistic inspiration. This is evidenced by her works, presented mainly in the technique of water-based paints. The artist uses this difficult and capricious technique with great ease. The resulting paintings show the species of the portrayed flowers, but we also see something more – their inner world of beauty. Dorota Wejchert, PhD, tells us that only flowers know what shapes and colours tempt not only insects with their unique beauty, but also us humans. Flowers will remain in art, forever. Dorota Wejchert’s paintings confirm this.

We invite you to view the exhibition in the main hall

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