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Business & Education – Schneider Electric

Another workshop as part of the Business & Education program for students were conducted by Schneider Electric experts. It is a global company operating in the energy industry. The classes were focused on the topic: Exploring the World of Finance: A Glimpse into Schneider Electric’s Perspective. 

It was a very enlightening experience. We talked, among others: about intricate business finance in supply chain management, cash-out strategies, and global services sectors.

Learning about Schneider Electric’s extraordinary journey was eye-opening for our students. Their staggering sales exceeding 4 billion euros serve as concrete evidence of their excellence and exceptional planning skills.

The SCRUM method sparked significant interest as it was highlighted as a cornerstone of Schneider Electric’s success. Exploring how this agile approach fosters adaptability and swift business operations was incredibly insightful.

An exciting highlight was the announcement of promising job opportunities for students, offering not just employment but life-changing prospects. Contemplating working for a company at the forefront of innovative green initiatives fills me with hope and excitement.

On behalf of Schneider Electric, we would like to thank Katarzyna Swiatek-Terlecka, Dmytro Chervonyi, Joanna Tokarska, Michal Polak and Dmytro Torbynskyi for providing students with valuable information as well as potential career paths.

In the next meeting, on December the 4th, we are going to host J.P.Morgan.

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