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Books from the whole world on your phone

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Nearly 150,000 books, over 50,000 magazine titles and millions of other publications: doctoral theses, market and industry reports, and video files – all available online and for free! This year, our virtual library has grown by another 20,000 books and 6,000 doctoral dissertations. You can use them at the university and beyond – on any device: computer, tablet or phone.

Learning and also getting sources for assignments and scientific work has never been so easy. Thanks to online access you can do it during breaks between classes, at home, in the subway or while waiting in a cafe for friends. There are 11 full-text commercial and 36 non-commercial databases available to students and staff. They contain publications of all areas needed in the Vistula Group of Universities, including economics and business, technology, engineering, political and social sciences, fine arts, tourism and dietetics. All this in many languages ​​- mainly in Polish and English. Lecturers can send students directly a link to reading or interesting articles. Simple search engines allow you to find relevant content in a few seconds.

Do you want to know more? For sure! Details along with video instructions can be found on our website HERE. Questions can be asked by emailing: biblioteka@vistula.edu.pl or in person in the library.
Please note that the use of databases outside the university may require additional passwords and codes assigned by the Library.

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