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Bartłomiej E. Nowak, PHD, has become the President of the Vistula Group of Universities

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Bartłomiej E. Nowak, PhD, has become the President of the Vistula Group of Universities.

He is a scientist and lecturer with managerial experience, and for years, has been associated with Vistula’s Universities. “My goal as President is the Group’s success, to combine in the best way possible, a business project with the challenges of science and the education of young people”, declares Vistula’s new leader. “The market is very difficult, but if we have a good team, based on trust between people, and the conviction that we are all heading in the one direction, then I am convinced that we will succeed”.

Bartłomiej E. Nowak is a political scientist and PhD in economics, a graduate of the University of Silesia and the Warsaw School of Economics. He also completed post-graduate studies in economic and political reform management at Harvard University, the John F. Kennedy School of Government.

The new President of the Vistula Group of Universities has been dealing with issues of world order, globalisation, as well as the future, and for many years, was involved with reforms of the European Union. He worked in the European Parliament (2004-2009); advised Polish delegates in the Convention on the Future of Europe (2002-2003); and was a member of the governmental National Council for European Integration (2002-2004). In the period before the referendum on Polish membership in the EU, he was a member of the Programme Council, and one of the founders of the “TAK in Referendum” Initiative.

In the years 2010-2013, he was the executive director of one of the leading independent Polish think tanks, the Centre for International Relations. It was at this time that he also began his academic adventure at Vistula University.

He was a scholarship holder of the Transatlantic Academy in Washington, the European University Institute in Florence, and the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs in New York, which awarded him with the ‘Global Ethics Fellow’ – a distinction for his contribution to promoting ethics in international relations, as the subject of study and research.

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