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Ayla Algan – the Vistula University concert

On November 24, 2014, the Vistula University concert hall will be the venue for the recital of works by Yunus Emre, a Turkish poet. The concert will be performed by Ayla Algan, an internationally known artist, and will take place between 17 and 18.30.

Ayla Algan will present the works of Yunus Emre, a Turkish poet and Sufi mystic, who lived at the turn of the 13th and 14th c. He was one of the first artists to compose poems in the spoken Turkish language, as well as one of the more important Anatolian poets. His poetry mainly focuses on the problems of divine love and human destiny.

A Polish translation of his poems is also available to poetry enthusiasts, in the volumes entitled “Droga”(The Road), “Plone, ide…” (I burn, I walk…) and “Ksiega dobrych rad” (A Book of Good Advice).

The concert is part of 2nd International Conference: Mickiewicz-Turkey-Europe.

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