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Karyna Myshovska, Germany

Karyna Myshovska, Germany

My Erasmus+ Story

If someone asked me one year ago if I want to go abroad, the answer would of course be „YEES!” I really was waiting for that moment, when I could come to Vistula’s International Office and gave them my application form for Erasmus. Honestly speaking, Erasmus was kind of a dream for me. So, I had already known, that I would go to Germany, but I didn’t know exactly where to.

Schmalkalden is a very small, old, adorable town, situated in the forest and mountains.

I remember that day, if it was yesterday. Thüringen – beautiful region situated in the center of Germany. I knew that I had to completely change the way of living, thinking, doing. In this small city, nobody wanted to speak English with me „nur auf Deutsch bitte” – “only German please”. In my Hochschule all my subjects were in English, thanks God! My university, gave me also a free course of German language.

For me, it was very important, because my main Erasmus’s goal was to improve me German. I was studying there Business administration and Economy. Although, here in Warsaw I am studying International Relations, I liked that faculty a lot. All professors there were kind to all exchange students and helped us in everything.

Well, in Germany, I met a lot of cool people from Latin America, whole Europe and from Asia. We had a lot of fun together and tried to explore each other’s culture and even cuisine!

I can definitely said, that my life completely changed. It was an incredible experience for me. If I were you, I definitely take part in Erasmus+. Don’t gap your chance to change yourself and to find your love ? The only problem with my Erasmus was that it ended too soon. But I decided to come back to Germany again, because my heart really is here.

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