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We take the experience we’ve gained over more than 140 years to give our customers the language skills, cultural understanding and confidence to open up a world full of new opportunities and enriching experiences – and help them, their business and the world make the connections that open the world to possibilities. We believe in the power of language and cultural understanding to drive human progress. Our lessons are conducted in the target language from day one and each activity focuses on a specific learning goal tailored to our customers’ needs. Learning with Berlitz follows a cycle that ensures fast and efficient progress. From CEOs to Presidents, famous entertainers and world class athletes, Berlitz has helped millions of people connect and communicate over our 140 year history.


  • English and Spanish Studies
  • Computer Engineering
  • Journalism and Social Communication
  • Graphics


The university implements projects co-financed by the European Union
Vistula University in Pultusk

Vistula University in Pultusk

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